Welcome to the British European Movement in France

BEMF is the French branch of the European Movement UK (founded in the UK in 1948) whose aims it shares. It was formed this spring and is open to British citizens resident anywhere in France.  

Our aim is to protect the European Citizens’ Rights of British residents in France, after Brexit. Specifically, our actions include:
  • campaigning against the UK’s decision to leave the EU
  • seeking to maintain, post-Brexit, the existing rights of British citizens in France (and of EU citizens in the UK) through lobbying British, French and European MPs and other relevant bodies
  • supporting the aims and activities of the European Movement UK
Our sponsor is Noƫlle Lenoir, former French Minister of European affairs (in the second government of Jean-Pierre Raffarin under Jacques Chirac), a member of the Paris bar specialised in global compliance matters, public law, data protection law, regulation and competition, at the domestic, European and international levels and an honorary member of the French Conseil Constitutionnel.

The BEMF has an annual membership fee of just €25 which includes a heavily discounted membership of the European Movement UK (EMUK). (Note that EMUK's own normal annual membership fee is £25)

We very much hope you will join us (you can contact us on bemf@fastmail.com should you wish to obtain any more information)