Monday 1 April 2019

Richard Ashworth's speech to the European Parliament

On 27th March, Richard Ashworth, Conservative MEP, gave the following speech in the European Parliament:

Madam President, on behalf of a million people on the streets in London, on behalf of six million people who have signed the petition and on behalf of 63% of the British population who did not vote for Brexit, I want to say thank you to President Tusk. I want to say thank you to this House for the support you’re showing and I want to reassure you that Nigel Farage does not speak on behalf of that 63% of the population.
May I add, as a comment, to the European people that, for over 25 years now, no British Prime Minister ever explained to the British people what Europe did, what the benefits are and why it matters. They never defended against the untruths which were spoken and they never took ownership of the decisions that they took in Council. Because of that, the British press ran a 20—year campaign based on populist mistruths, lies and deceit. The consequence of that we see today: Britain as a sad nation divided like never before and a House of Commons in crisis. So let Brexit stand as a cautionary tale to the people of Europe.
To the people of Europe I say this: you are the generation who have lived through the longest period of peace and the greatest level of prosperity ever. Never take it for granted. Value it. Fight for it. Defend it every day.
(Prolonged applause)
You can watch a video of the speech here.