Friday 11 September 2020

Support for the UK Internal Market Bill?

Being a former association officer in the Conservative Party I am still on their e-mail distribution list. Yesterday I received a message from Alok Sharma, the Business Secretary, asking me to confirm my support for the new law that has been put to Parliament and saying:

“I have introduced our UK Internal Market Bill in Parliament to guarantee free and fair trade spreading economic development across the whole of the UK.

Without this vital piece of legislation businesses across the UK would face unprecedented barriers and costs.

A Welsh lamb farmer would be unable to easily (sic) sell lamb in Scotland as they can do now. A Scotch whisky producer could lose total access to English barley. And a car built in England would be more expensive to buy in Northern Ireland.”

I replied to his e-mail saying that, before I could confirm my support, I needed to understand why, if this was to be the result, the Government had proposed such a measure to the EU and campaigned at the last general election on its merits.

I am not holding my breath until I receive a reply but, should I receive one, to be fair to the Government I will publish it here.

Robin Baker